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Ben Walker 🚀 It took 3 years to create this 5-track epic, and it refuses to be hurried. The first three tracks (#5 to #3) are a long introduction to #4 (Nick Cave having a nightmare) and #7 gives you time to recover.

Absolutely my favourite recording so far by either band. Favorite track: #4.
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Recorded at Pocklington Arts Centre, August 2010.
Overdubs recorded 2010-2013.

find a train
Set up tent in pub car park
{ow, fuck it}
Walking now
{is this the right way this can't be right surely}
{nonono first is minor second is major}
Back to the car park
Howling gale
{i don't think this is the way we came, is it?}
Blownover tent full of rain
Wring out clothes
{i thought i packed some other socks}
Definitely no huddling together for warmth
Rinse repeat
(minus train)
buy dolphin blanket
{keep it down, can you lads?}
Three of us in the tent now
Not awkward
Not sleeping much
Toy Story III
take down tent
{fucking tent fucking bastard tent}
train again
dry again


released April 29, 2013

The Monroe Transfer are Rhiannon Armstrong, Nick Gill, Susie Gillis, Ed Howard, Nicole Robson and Neil Walsh.
Her Name is Calla are Sophie Green, John Helps, Tom Morris, Nicole Robson, and Adam Weikert.


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Track Name: #5
hands tied, into the sea
rocks for your pillow
dream for eternity
on your bed down below
Track Name: #1
Our timing is ruling us out of a new world
Your peace is at the end of a long and deep sleep
Seems like a bad time to learn a new language
Everything ends up as stardust

Mother earth says I'm not her son
I'm out of breath, I think I'm out of luck
Everything ends up as stardust
I'm out of breath, I think I'm out of luck

Mother earth says I'm not her son [hearing voices calling from the ground]
I'm out of breath I think I'm out of luck [dancing round a fire, giving prayer]
Everything ends up as stardust [peace is at the end of this]
I'm out of breath, I think I'm out of luck [all of us sing in unison]
Track Name: #3
This fallow land
An enclave
A root-riddled gout vein
A blade to the edge of the air
and of the earth
And for to falter
And for to rest
And for the dance
And for to kiss
And nothing
And nothing
And nothing
And nothing
Track Name: #4
And I grew to love the only way that I could
And words that meant nothing were all that we had
And I'm hungry for the past that were better times
You're a piece of a puzzle that was lost in the fire

And you came back to haunt me again and again
And I tried my best to drink myself to death
And you only believe the things that you know
Killing's too good for me if you can't do it yourself

And the past is the past if you only let it go
And I tried to go straight, but it tastes so fucking good
Being kind for no reason is no way to be
And the path to righteousness was always out of reach

And I screamed and I shouted, I demanded to be heard
And I'm tired of being fucked over, and I'm tired of being the last
But nothing is worse than knowing it took so long
And you screamed and you shouted, you demanded to be heard